Gerald meets Katharine Chang

Katherine Chang is the Chief of the Taipai Economic and Cultural Office in Austria. Gerald is a member of the Austrian Parliament. Taiwan and Austria have more in common than it seems, even though we do not know a lot about it. There is also a lot we can learn from each other. We are very excited, that Gerald suggested this Takeover Episode, so we could dive into a subject that was not on our minds and surely showed us a lot of new insights in an interesting country.

Same same but different

The Global Pandemic has taught us many things, one of them being, that the virus does not care about borders. It did not stop in front of Europe, it did not stop in front of the US, it would not be stopped by a wall. It showed us, that we as human beings around the globe are connected in so many more ways than we would have thought.

“When we work together, we will be able to uphold the values we cherish.”

Taiwan helped Austria out when we were in need of masks and medical equipment. They shared their learnings they gathered from the SARS-pandemic in 2003. Taiwanese people are looking forward to coming back and visit Vienna, enjoy our music and drink our wine, which Katharine Chang speaks very highly of.

It was great listening to Katharine Chang and Gerald talk about the similarities between Austria and Taiwan, about the handling of the Coronavirus in both states and what we can learn from each other.

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