This is not one of our usual epsiodes. Anna is Ukrainian. She was a Chairwoman of the Liberal Youth in Ukraine and lived in Kyiv. Right now she is in a safe place with her family in Western Ukraine. We are very grateful Anna wanted to talk to us and provided us with a lot of insight what it is like for her, her family and friends, to live through those past days.

A Force of Men

As Anna is talking to us, she makes it clear that Europe and the European Union has to stay beside the Ukraine and show Russia, namely Putin, a strong European Unity and Solidarity.

They said: “Let Putin take Crimea and he will stop.” He didn’t. They said: “He needs Luhansk und Donezk as a corridor to Crimea, he will stop then.” He didn’t. Ukraine will not be enough for him. He wants half of Europe.

Russias war on Ukraine is not just a war against the Ukraine. It is a war against Europe and its security. That people have to be scared for their lives, the lives of their frieds and family and their loved ones, is unacceptable. Just because one man still dreams about a Soviet Union, about his economic benefits and has to show his power, people should not loose their lives and homes. Ukrainian people are staying strong and united. They are fighting, not just for them, but for the security of everything that they believe in.

The only thing we ask of the European Union, its state leaders and the US Government, is to stand next to those people, risking everything and standing up against the villain. Sanctions must be enforced. The people of the Ukraine must be able to seek shelter within the European Union.

Just as Anna said: „Stop the aggression now with us in the Ukraine, to prevent it coming to you.“

The episode was recorded on Saturday 26th of Feburary at 6pm (GMT+1) and resonates the events until then.

Wir haben Anna gefragt, wie wir helfen können. Spenden, Informationen weitertragen und unsere Staatsoberhäupter zur Verantwortung ziehen. Das ist das, was wir für die Menschen tun können, die die letzten Jahre in ihrem Krieg allein gelassen wurden.

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